Tip #3: Create Your Personal Board of Directors

Businesses use them, so why shouldn’t you?  The concept of having your own personal board is catching on as more and more people reach beyond the limitations of internal mentors or sponsors to gain the benefit that boards play in the business world – independent advisors who provide their expertise to help guide and strengthen the target organization.  In selecting your personal board, look for trusted advisors who care about you, will tell you the hard truths you may not want to hear, and will bring their expertise to bear on your situation.  Want to learn more?  Check out The Glass Hammer for their perspective on the five people you need on your personal board (the Connector, Dreamer, Accountability Master, Shoulder to Cry On, and Mentor).  The Harvard Business Review blog points out that you don’t necessarily need to convene your board to meet as a group, but you could instead select board members from key functional areas (think marketing, or strategy) and call on them with questions as they arise.  However you do it, think about how you can utilize your contacts to support you on your quest to meet your career goals.


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