A Belated Happy Birthday, and Thank You, to Title IX!

I was away in Puerto Rico at the ABA Litigation Section’s Spring Leadership meeting when the 40th anniversary of Title IX occurred earlier this week on June 23.  Title IX is the landmark legislation that outlawed discrimination between men’s and women’s educational programs, and perhaps its most well-known benefit...

Thinking about sponsorship

I enjoyed Pat Gillette’s presentation this week at the Bar Association of San Francisco on “Staying on Track,” focusing on the tools that 4-8th year law firm associates (or comparable level in-house counsel) need to stay on track in their legal careers.  Pat used the analogy of pigeonholes to...

How to Be Perfect

Ron Padgett’s book of poetry, How to Be Perfect, contains all kinds of nuggets that are worthy of sharing this morning: Get some sleep. Eat an orange every morning. Be friendly. It will help make you happy. Hope for everything. Expect nothing. Take care of things close to home...

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