Try Learning From What Works

The questions that you ask yourself, and others, changes things.  As an easy example, thinking about what is best in your life, or your work, rather than what you don’t enjoy about your life or work will take you in entirely different directions.  Appreciative Inquiry grew out of the...

This Makes Me Smile

Did you grow up reading and loving the Curious George books by H. A. Rey like I did?  Curious George got into and out of more interesting scrapes with the eventual assistance of the Man With the Yellow Hat, and to me he symbolized enthusiasm, curiosity, and courage.  I...

Here’s to the Sheroes

It’s March 8th, so Happy International Women’s Day!  I would be remiss if I didn’t give a shout out to this special day.  The United Nation’s theme this year is “A Promise is a Promise:  Time for action to end violence against women,” which is something everyone should be...

Healthy Addictions for Leaders

There was a great post yesterday on the HBR Blog about how leaders can become chemically addicted to being right, and the dangers that poses.  When we’re in a tense meeting and trying to make a decision, or deal with opposing points of view in some way, our higher...

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