Interesting Thoughts on Leadership from Women in Tech

Did you see last week’s research paper from The Glass Hammer on women in tech?  A survey of 200 junior and mid-level women in technology roles were presented with ten traits of leaders, and asked to pick three that describe today’s leaders.  They were later asked to select the three...

“The Opposite of Poverty Is Not Wealth, It Is Justice”

This Spring’s ABA Litigation Section Leadership meeting was one of the best ever, imho. We made significant progress on planning and decisions for the next bar year with respect to one of my favorite Section projects, the Judicial Intern Opportunity Program, and worked through a very full agenda on...

Musings on Checklists

I always enjoy thumbing through the ABA Journal, and this month’s was no exception, especially since the cover headline was “Women in Charge,” and the issue contained the article “Do Women’s Initiatives Work?”  I have my own point of view on how law firm women’s initiatives are, or are...

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