Professional Development

The greatest source of competitive advantage is to have a motivated, engaged team of high-quality peak performers.  Rapid Evolution can optimize your professional development program by giving you an array of tools to leverage your ability to keep and develop your top performers.  The right balance of challenging work, timely training, and effective leadership and feedback, in conjunction with mentoring and career paths that provide opportunities for growth and development, will ensure that you maintain your talent management edge.

Effective Workplace Mentoring

Accelerate employee development by establishing, or re-energizing, a mentoring program that provides people with the informal guidance they need to succeed.  Using the skill of active listening to build trust, mentors can encourage, inspire, and share insights on organizational realities.  Mentors are also uniquely positioned to provide technical guidance and help mentees manage risk.  Rapid Evolution will work with you to determine the most effective mentoring program for your organization, such as paired one-on-one mentoring, mentoring circles led by your organization’s best mentors, or even reverse mentoring for your senior leaders.  We’ll also train the participants on both the responsibilities and rewards that result from engaging in this powerful form of career development.

Building Competency Based Evaluation and Promotion Systems

Work with Rapid Evolution to galvanize your top performers to deliver their best by developing a competency-based system for evaluating and promoting employees.  Understanding what core competencies drive your business success at each level, and designing a transparent system to evaluate talent based on those key competencies, increases your team’s ability to understand, focus, and deliver on what matters most.

Coaching Skills For Managers

Understanding the fundamentals of coaching can help leaders bring out peak performance in their employees.  By teaching the concept of appreciative inquiry, Rapid Evolution’s coaching training allows managers to ask powerful questions that focus on what is working, and what gives people and teams their energy.  By appreciating the “best of what is,” envisioning “what might be,” and innovating to create “what will be,” leaders can use coaching principles to determine what is the smallest change an employee can make that will generate the biggest impact.

Successful Employee Resource Groups

Whether you’re just starting Employee Resource Groups (ERG) for your employees, or are ready for ERG 2.0, Rapid Evolution can accelerate the benefits of getting your new ERG up and running, or give you the tools to strategically align your existing ERG with the business.  Learn how to ensure the long-term success of your ERG by understanding the business case for an ERG, its infrastructure and leadership support needs, and how to measure its effectiveness.

Giving and Receiving the Feedback That Matters

Do your managers love giving people feedback?  Do you?  Rapid Evolution can teach techniques that will help people give the feedback that matters, in a way that others can hear it, and more importantly, act upon it.  Learn how to avoid triggering defensiveness by providing feedback that is descriptive, specific, timely, and checked, using the IDEA (introduction-description-explanation-action) model.  When you have something to say that you think others won’t enjoy hearing, you can relax by being prepared with the step-by-step IDEA sequence.

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