Millennials — The Best of Times

Has there ever been a generation as stereotyped in the workplace as the Millenials?  They’ve come of their “professional age” during the Great Recession, which would be tough enough, but they are then typecast as spoiled, entitled, the Trophy kids, you name it.  I think everyone has something to contribute, and liked this nugget from this week’s Woman Advocate Book Club — if the characterization of Millennials as being team members where everyone got a trophy is accurate, it suggests that Millennials are comfortable working as a team and collaborating.  What are you doing to help the Millennials on your teams be effective team players?  If they appreciate feedback, what are you doing to give regular, constructive feedback to the Millennials you work with?  Making it the “best of times” for your teams can be as simple as identifying their strengths and leveraging them to the groups’ advantage.  Give it a try!

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