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Professional services firms – law firms, management consulting firms, financial services firms, advertising agencies, and the like – attract very intelligent high achievers, who want to practice their expertise, and not necessarily become managers and engage in the challenges inherent in maximizing human capital. Yet as the competitive landscape grows ever fierce, the need to attract and retain top associates, accelerate the development of professional staff, and meet increasing client demands, has never been greater. Nan Joesten brings more than twenty-five years of experience as a business executive, commercial law firm partner, mentor and coach to help professional services firms address the business challenges they face.

Coaching Works In Professional Services Firms

Research shows that firms can help improve individual performance with coaching, and the opportunity to work with a talented coach helps attract, retain, and advance the best talent. Developing associates and emerging new partner leaders will benefit from coaching focused on

  • Enhancing communication and team leadership skills, including emotional intelligence
  • Developing critical project management abilities
  • Crafting a career plan with specific action steps to successfully transition to the next level
  • Mastering time management, and stress management, challenges
  • Addressing developmental feedback
Consulting on Policies, Programs and Practices

Rapid Evolution consults with clients to assess the effectiveness of existing programs impacting retention and development of talent, and using best practices benchmarks, works with firms to develop
a comprehensive, coordinated professional development program, including

  • Core competency development
  • Performance evaluation programs utilizing core competencies
  • Targeted programs to enhance retention and advancement of diverse and women professionals

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