Rapid Evolution brings cost-effective expertise and experience that your business does not otherwise have.  We can help manage long-term strategies, complete a project that requires highly specialized skills, or help you get work done more efficiently.  We’ll get to know the ins and outs of your organization, and give you recommendations (and training, if needed), to accelerate achievement of your goals.  We can help you find the solution that is just out of reach when you are too close to the issues.  Contact us to discuss Rapid Evolution’s consulting services in the following areas:

Strategic Planning 101

While strategic plans don’t guarantee success in their implementation, effective leadership requires being clear about an organization’s strategic goals, and providing focus to help people understand how to direct their resources and make daily decisions.  This workshop imparts the role of strategic planning and its fundamentals to your emerging leaders, and integrates the role of SWOT analysis and leveraging diverse competencies to derive your competitive edge and new business development opportunities.

To Go Forward, Retreat

Done properly, stepping away from the day-to-day press of problems can reinvigorate a team with a renewed sense of purpose, enhanced teamwork, and commitment to the enterprise.  Rapid Evolution can make the positive difference by working with you to establish the off-site’s specific goals, providing the necessary experienced, objective facilitation, and continuing with the follow-up to make the retreat more than just a one-time event.

Keynote Presentations

Rapid Evolution can accelerate the benefit of your next company meeting by delivering a tailored keynote speech that is not only inspirational and dynamic, but also contains the content “nuts and bolts” that gives your audience the information they need to deliver better bottom line results.  For added benefit, we can also plan and lead breakout sessions tied to the themes of the keynote, for a cohesive, more effective, training experience.

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