Leadership Training
Leadership Skills for New Managers

Dissatisfaction with supervisors is a leading cause of employee attrition. Give your emerging leaders the tools they need to both receive and deliver effective performance feedback, work across cultural differences, and establish trust relationships within their teams to drive improved performance.

Leading Virtual Teams

Business today often requires effective leadership of teams whose members are scattered all over the country, or world, and the best practices in a traditional office setting are not enough. Virtual leadership can work, but it demands a more systematic approach to things that are often natural for intact teams. Rapid Evolution can accelerate the performance of your virtual teams with training on enhancing communication with the use of appropriate technology, building community among dispersed team members, establishing shared goals, leading by example to achieve visible, measurable results, and collaborating across organizational boundaries.

Managing In A Multi-Generational Workplace

For the first time in modern history, there are four generations working side-by-side in the workplace. With the rising average age of retirement, and a shortage of available talent in critical areas, winning organizations will be those that succeed in managing the challenges these demographics create. Rapid Evolution trains leaders to understand and successfully manage the impact on company culture as different generations have unique priorities, attitudes, and work styles.

Emotional Intelligence and Effective Leadership

The business case for emotional intelligence is well-known. Successful leaders have the ability to know and manage themselves, and understand others and manage their relationships with others. This “emotional quotient” of self-management and social skills can transform and optimize individual or team performance, and can be grown and developed, unlike IQ, which is inherently static. Rapid Evolution presents the components of emotional intelligence, and empowers leader with specific action steps they can take to accelerate their EQ growth on a daily basis.

Goal Setting For Improved Results

Do you know the difference between a Big Hairy Audacious Goal and a short-term goal, how to tell them apart, and how to use them together? Does your organization know how to establish and track its performance against SMART goals? This training will empower leaders to set SMART (Specific, Measureable, Attainable, Relevant, and Time-bound) goals that the organization can readily embrace and drive toward.

Change Management

The core of the matter is always about changing the behavior of people. Leaders most often fail because they are rigid and have poor relationships with others, but understanding and applying the framework of Situational Leadership can make the difference. Rapid Evolution will inspire your leaders to deliver better bottom line results by discerning the appropriate balance between directing tasks versus delegating them, while demonstrating a suitable level of consideration and concern for people, depending on where team members are in their competence development and commitment to the organization and its mission.

Communication Skills

Whether it’s having a difficult one-on-one conversation or delivering a polished presentation to the board of directors, business leaders need a wide variety of skills in their communications toolbox. Rapid Evolution’s communication workshops can be tailored to improve specific performance for every team and leader at every level.

Making Meetings Matter

Running an effective meeting, either virtually or in-person, requires a leader to tie the meeting to the organization’s bigger goals and strategy, and deploy best practices for keeping the team on track. This training will teach leaders the importance of communicating the meeting’s agenda in advance, valuing the contributions of the meeting attendees, and soliciting feedback on what the leader should stop, start, and continue to do for even greater productivity going forward.

Success Strategies for Women

Women leaders face unique challenges, which is why there are so relatively few of them in the C-suite compared to their numbers when entering the work force. Retaining and advancing emerging women leaders is critical for organizations that want access to the best and brightest talent available. Through its unique series of programs and skill development in Women Who Lead, Rapid Evolution will provide your women leaders at every level with the strategies for success that will inspire them to not just survive, but thrive.

Motivating Volunteer Teams

Volunteer teams present a special leadership challenge, but one that must be mastered if an organization dependent on goodwill and free labor is to thrive. Whether it’s a non-profit’s advisory board of directors, the officers of an industry-based association, or a group of employees who have offered to take on a project outside their work group, the issues are the same. Leaders must especially respect the time and intelligence of volunteers, and double down on communications to both share the organization’s vision and the volunteers’ roles within that vision, while learning what’s in it for the volunteers and work to meet those needs. Rapid Evolution can provide the tools to help make every volunteer leadership group an energized, high-performing team.

Stress Management

When stressed, people are less able to cognitively use new information, think clearly, solve problems, master new tasks, make good decisions, or see alternatives. They are also less emotionally capable. Rapid Evolution can give people at every level in the organization a set of tools to help manage stress for success.

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