Change Is Good

Many of you may not know that I have been off the blogging scene for a few months because of my relocation this fall to Boulder, Colorado.  While I had intended to make blogging a regular habit during this transition, I found it very difficult to achieve that goal, and because it was not critical to my success, I  set it aside without hesitation.  Now that I’m (relatively) well settled into my new surroundings, I believe that I am ready to pick up where I deliberately left off.  Choosing to let go of a goal is sometimes the most powerful decision you can make, and saves the wasted psychic energy of pretending that you are going to do something that you know you will in fact not do.

As for me, part of the relocation to the Front Range of the Rocky Mountains has meant an opportunity to see beautiful wildlife up close and personal nearly every day.  One of my favorite visitors to the hillside outside my office is this gorgeous fox:


FoxMy relocation also means that I can spend more time with the Denver legal community.  If you’re in town next Wednesday, December 11, please join me as I host the ABA Section of Litigation’s Woman Advocate Committee Roundtable on pay equity.  The Davis Graham & Stubbs firm has graciously agreed to welcome people wanting to get together in person to listen to the teleconference presentation by Bobbi Liebenberg and Stephanie Scharf as they discuss specific strategies and solutions for addressing and eliminating long-standing pay disparity in compensation between men and women attorneys practicing in law firms.  I can’t wait!


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