What I’m Thinking About . . .
  1. Passwords are the bane of my existence.  My cheat sheet is crammed with more than 60 different password-protected accounts where I must know not only my password but also my user i.d.  How many times have you had to re-set a password on an infrequently used account?  When my (password-protected) iPad was stolen last year, I spent an entire morning just changing passwords to be safe, even after I locked down the little sucker and wiped it.  Thieves deserve their bad karma. 
  2. When will some fresh snow match my schedule so that I can get up in the mountains and do some snowshoeing?  It has become my favorite winter recreation.
  3. I love the view at sunset across San Francisco Bay from Crown Point Beach in Alameda.  Growing up in the flatlands of Indiana, I am mesmerized by the oceans and mountains of California.
  4. I’m grateful to DeeDee Corradino, former mayor of Salt Lake City, for encouraging more women to get involved in local government, which led me to apply for an opening on the Board of Commissioners of the Housing Authority of the City of Alameda.  I was appointed to the Board last year, and am really enjoying the experience of becoming more involved in my local community.
  5. Transparent leadership is a good thing.  We’re working through budget issues at my church, First Congregational Church of Berkeley, where I’m on the Church Council.  The more information we can provide about where our money is going, the easier it is for people to appreciate and support the tough decisions that we have to make.
  6. I signed up to play USTA league tennis!  I last played competitive tennis four foot surgeries and a few decades ago, but I love tennis and want to get more regular exercise into my life this year.  Stay tuned for an update in a few months.

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